Minting April 11th

BLOND:ISH partnered up with vinyl R&D experts at Evolution Music & Deep Grooves the greenest pressing plant in activity, to produce the world’s first biodegradable vinyl.

"Life is..." is the opening song from #PlasticFreeParty, the 14-track compilation BLOND:ISH released on her label ABRACADABRA.

Made using naturally occurring bacteria to build a plastic replication, this vinyl is entirely bio based, and biodegradable in any environment, including the ocean.

Evolution Music based their R&D on already existing pressing machinery rather than building a new system to ease mass adoption & mass replacement of the detrimental PVC vinyl material. This allows for existing press factory to be able to transition to greener systems smoothly. 

For all you audiophiles wondering if it sounds as good a plastic vinyl? Well we’re happy to say we’ve finally perfected the sound after 4 years of tweaks.

Let's evolve together!
What is "Life is..." ?
A track composed by BLOND:ISH and opening a first of its kind bio vinyl compilation called #PlasticFreeParty. The compilation is out on BLOND:ISH's label ABRACADABRA to support her foundation ByeByePlastic that is aimed to remove single-use plastics from the music industry!
What is the collection total supply ?
It is a 72 hours long open edition, there is no pre-determined total supply!
What is the mint price ?
The mint price is 0.04 ETH!
What is the extra perk for minting early ?
BLOND:ISH is building Web69. The first 69 nfts to be minted will be redeemable for hand signed version for the records, by BLOND:ISH her self!
What is the Golden Egg ?
In addition to receiving a hand signed copy of the record, we have hidden 500 $ISH tokens & 500 $BYEBYE tokens in the Golden Egg of this collection. $ISH is the social token of BLOND:ISH, powering her entire ecosystem, energy as a currency. $BYEBYE is the token powering the ByeByePlastic ecosystem. The Golden Egg will also be able to mint BLOND:ISH's next music NFT mint pass for free!
When will the bio vinyl be shipped ?
The record is currently in development, pre-order is already possible. We expect it to be shipped summer 2023!
Does the bio vinyl sound good ?
Yes! Innovating a bio vinyl was actually not so hard, because nature can mimic other materials, but getting the actual sound of the record to portray its full spectrum like its plastic fossil fuel counterpart was the challenge, but WE DID IT!!!
Does the bio vinyl need new machinery to press it, or can this new material be used in existing vinyl pressing machinery?
In addition to finding a plastic free material, one of the goals we wanted to figure out, is to actually come up with a product that can be mass adopted for actual change, otherwise it just becomes a novelty item. Yes, this PHA bacteria based material can be used with existing machinery.
How do I know if the bio vinyl has already been pre-ordered when buying the NFT of the secondary market ?
We are listing the token ids of all the NFT that have already pre-ordered on this webpage, so that you can check if the NFT you are about to buy on the secondary market will come with its bio vinyl or not!
Where can I learn more ?
Learn more by joining BLOND:ISH's discord, to find out more about this collection and the $ISH ecosystem!